Energy management

Hi-Tech Technology

  • Induction-driven for premium performance even at high temperatures.
  • State-of-the-art electronic controls featuring TCS® - Total Control System - to optimise energy consumption.

Reduced energy consumption

Innovative approaches, such as induction-driven electric hob with 92% efficiency, that offer 50% energy saving over traditional models (and 35% over gas). Digital grills that reach temperature extremely quickly: 0-300°C in ten minutes, compared to 25-30 minutes for gas. Digital thermostats ensure temperatures remain constant, reducing throughput times with absolute precision.

TCS® - computerized management and control system

DeManincor’s TCS system provides fingertip control of the kitchen, including the cooking, refrigeration, washing and extraction.
Appliances are linked via Ethernet cable to the TCS software:

  • Enhances performance and lowers energy consumption.
  • Helps to reduce temperature, humidity output and timeframes.
  • Automatic registration of cooking and conservation temperatures (HACCP).
  • Remote troubleshooting and set up modification via web portal allows faults to be diagnosed before they develop.
  • All kitchen appliances are monitored 24/7 to reduce breakdowns.