TCS ® - Total control system

® - Total control system

The DeManincor's TCS system provides fingertip control of the kitchen, including cooking, refrigeration, washing and aspiration. Appliances are linked via ethernet cable to an open source application that, using digital controls, allows to:
  • enhance performances and lower energy consumption
  • reduce temperature, humidity output and timeframes
  • register automatically cooking and conservation temperatures (HACCP)
  • diagnose faults before they develop via a web portal thanks to remote troubleshooting and setup modification
  • monitor all kitchen appliances 24/7 to reduce breakdowns

Reduced energy consumption

Based on an innovative heating technology, which uses 50% less energy than conventional electric hob and -35% compared to gas burners, induction plates allow to quickly reach the desired temperature (5 minutes to reach 300°C compared with 25-30 minutes for gas cooking ranges). With the numerical control system, the temperature rise is very fast, which reduces the preparation time and labor.